Feb 24, 2009

Feral Cat Of The Day - Short Eared Tabby

I'm not sure if this cat has droopy ears because it is part Scottish Fold breed, or if it has been repeatedly injured in fights so that his ears no longer stand up straight: Feral cats often have many battle injuries.
short eared feral cat

He's an old friend in the feral colony, so I prefer to think of him as a breed rather than damaged goods. There is only one other "Fold" type cat in the colony.


  1. I have a tabby cat at home only 8 months! Also cute picture !

  2. We have had a few feral cats that have graced our lives, and all have been wonderful friends. On April 3, 2015, we took in an abandoned cat that showed up eating our food we put out for our feral cat. He was about 4 days from dying. OK - not feral, but he had lived in the wild for a couple months at least during a harsh winter. He moved into our home and our hearts. So I noticed that some folks have talked about small ears on the feral cats. Our new friend showed up with very droopy ears. A visit to the vet confirmed they had been frozen. They dried up and fell off within a few weeks. The result is a very handsome fella with what looks like really tiny "wooky" ears. That could be why your feral cats would have small ears.


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