Mar 19, 2009

Feral Cat Of The Day - Son of Sick Boy

Sniffing at some thing unseen, I call this cat Son of Sick Boy. It's a long story that started years ago with a shaggy feral I named Sick Boy; he was very ill when I found him. He almost didn't survive... and he ended up being slow moving and cross-eyed. But he produced a son...

feral cat of the day photo, picture of Son of Sick Boy Tom Cat

The original Sick Boy was very slow moving. You could pet him even though he was feral. That was a result, no doubt, of the damage he had suffered from a near fatal bout of Cat Flu. He could have been a pet, perhaps, if there had been someone to adopt him. Sick Boy disappeared last year. I think maybe a coyote got him, or a dog.

His son is a bit more wary. And much faster moving....

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  1. I love cats! I'm glad you helped save Sick Boy and that now there's a Sick Boy Jr. : ) The picture was really nice, he's a pretty cat.


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