Jun 2, 2009

Photo 2 Spring Feral Kittens

two spring feral kittens photo

These kittens are about 6 weeks old - at least that's my guess. The little black and white tuxedo kitty is the only one I've been able to catch and handle so far. I'd like to keep it but I can't. It's turning kind of friendly and it's extra-interesting because it has basically no tail. There is a wide variety of cats in the feral colony but this is the first black and white bobtail I've found.

The other kitten in this pair is a cute little tortoise shell patchy cat, almost certainly a girl. (Helpful hint; when there are three or more colors, it's a girl).


  1. Aw, I wish I could adopt that kitty.

  2. Very cute :) :(

  3. At least these two are still alive... so far.

  4. Sadly, I must correct myself. On June 8th, in the late evening, I found the little black and white tail-less kitten dead.

    Fleas would the most likely culprit; fatal anemia from flea infestation is a common cause of death for feral kittens.

    I am saddened by this and didn't really want to report it - but honesty compelled me.

  5. Sorry. I try very very hard - I just can't adopt any more of them myself... very sorry. :(


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