Aug 11, 2009

Sick Feral Tabby Kitten Update 2

Remember how sickly that feral kitten looked? Reminder of the ill feral from a couple of months ago....

sick feral kitten

I thought you'd want to know where we're at today: The story that goes with that photo is here. At the time, she couldn't even lift her head. Later, I updated you here. The life of a feral kitten is very hard and chances of survival are slim. Despite my already overburdened household I just had to save this one.

It is in this way that a sickly feral kitten's near death experience was a blessing - this time... for this kitten. Usually, it doesn't work that way. Because I found her lying in damp crass, too ill to move - too sick to run away - I "caught" her. A limp, semi-conscious little animal who, had she found an ounce of strength remaining in her body, would have used that last bit of strength to run away from me in terror. But she was done for. She was at the end of her very short and miserable life. So she couldn't run. She could do nothing but await the end.

I picked her up. Her journey to a whole new life had begun. Here she is today:

Rescued sick feral kitten - today, a happy and healthy tabby kitten

This is after several trips to the vet, assorted medicines - and of course lots of food and love.

She could still use a home of her own, of course. She's very sweet and affectionate now; all the feral cat fears are gone...

The kitten who once couldn't lift her own head now runs like the wind! She loves to play and purr.

She's adorable.

That which was killing her also ultimately saved her. Well, at least as long as I am here and able to care for her.


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