Oct 8, 2009

Feral Cat Photo Of The Day - A Lonely Road Cat

The Lonely Road

I walk a lonely road - the only one that I have ever known.
Don't know where it goes - but it's only me and I walk alone....

I walk this empty street, on the boulevard of broken dreams...
I walk alone.

My shadow is the only one that walks beside me.
Cold and hungry, I must keep moving.
Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me.
Until then.... I walk alone.

--From Green Day

This tabby tom is around 3 years old, I think. That's just about the maximum lifespan of a feral cat. They have very difficult lives even in the rare cases where they have humans to help them. This one lives on the periphery of a colony for which I provide care. He's been lucky that way. I can't say that I make things good for these cats, but at least I try to make their lives less miserable.

If there was one thing I would never want to be, it would be a feral cat. Housecats were never meant to live like this. They did not choose this life; we, the human race, chose it for them. Many starve, many freeze to death. And not very many people care. They are called "feral" because they are built to be pets but have been discarded by the world and have never known human companionship.

When you read this blog you'll read about some success stories, some happy moments - and some very sad stories, too. These are the stories of real feral cats; a world where happy endings mostly only happen in cartoons and living for another day is the best for which one can hope.

I photograph cats and kittens naturalistically; showing their beauty as well as their plight. I want you to see their loveliness. I want you, dear reader, to know an believe that these animals are as lovable as any pet. And I also want you to know what their lives are like.

So these are the stories of REAL feral cats - fuzzy fur, big eyes, and lots of sadness. They are our discards. Our unwanted. Our unloved.

The life path of the feral cat is a lonely and hard road. There is always danger, always hunger, often cold... the best I can do as an artist is to try to make it a little better. And I do that.

Over the last few years we've been able to trap, spay and neuter dozens of feral cats. We've also managed to rescue and tame several feral kittens. You can read their stories here. And for everyone who has helped, I am deeply thankful.

Just by being here and reading about these little lost souls, you are providing moral support. Thank you.

Thank you - from the kitties. And the artist. Oh, and don't worry - I won't keep bringing this up. I don't want to make anyone feel bad. So regardless of what you may choose to do, please, I hope you will keep reading the feral cat and kitten rescue photo blog.

A Successful Trap-Neuter-Release

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