Oct 26, 2009

Feral Cat Photo Of The Day - Orange-Buff TV Cat

TV Cat

A feral kitty who is very shy. I think this may be its first photograph, in fact. My daughter named him TV Cat because his perfect symmetrical markings make him the kind of cat you might see on TV. Kind of like Morris The Cat or something....

One morning awhile ago I arrived to find TV Cat hanging upside down by his back foot on the side of a junk car. Somehow, a claw had gotten stuck in the little opening between the drivers door and the front fender. His front feet just barely touched the ground. The poor thing was wet and limp from exhaustion, to the point where at first I thought he might be dead...
I quickly grabbed a blanket I carry with me and threw it around him so as not to get clawed to death. He immediately sprang to life and started fighting, but I was able to lift his weight just enough to free his foot from the door slit.

Because I was caught off guard, I wasn't prepared to contain him so I had to let him go. He ran away ...but as you can see he recovered just fine. I'm sure it was a terrifying ordeal, however.

My guess is that sometime during the previous night he had leaped on the car but lost his footing and a claw just happened to slide down the crack between the car door and fender. He fell backward and then  had no leverage to pull himself out of the crack. I guess he might have died there if help hadn't arrived.

He had an angel watching over him that day.

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  1. Bless your heart for being able to rescue him. I once did the same for the ugliest Tom cat I ever saw who was caught between the top of two fence pickets. Poor baby...I will never forget him.


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