Oct 15, 2009

Feral Cat Photo Of The Day - Out Of Its Climate, In Distress

Wet Cold One-Eyed Feral Tom Cat

As part of Blog Action Day, I thought I'd mention that humans aren't the only ones affected by climate change. Today's housecat is descended from small wildcats in the middle east and Turkey. We've carried them far and wide, to climates they were never designed to endure.... and then we have cast them out. Thus, we have the plight of the feral cat.   The poor wet feral tom shown above is just one victim...

In my own area, "leftover" typhoons have become more frequent in recent yars. Growing up here, there was just ONE super-storm in all those years, and it had a special name: The Columbus Day Storm. But we're having another one right now. This storm is also affecting California and causing flooding there. And we had one last year, too.

Who is rescuing the feral cats? When they drown in these floods, do we only harden our hearts? Do we not care about the suffering that we (collectively) have brought upon the earth? It is something to think about. NEXT: KITTENS...!

two feral kittens,what have you found, what is their future
What Have You Found?

Our two feral kittens, already struggling against high odds, face an even tougher time because of the rough winters we're now having.

Two feral kittens struggling to survive

I don't know what is going to happen with our littlest ferals. I saw the white on this morning so he/she survived our mini-typhoon.

The little tabby kitten seems to be missing.

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