Oct 19, 2009

Feral Kittens Photo Of The Day - Two Tuxedo Kittens, Friends

2 Tuxedo Kitten Friends

Two little black and white "tuxedo" kitten friends gaze at each other, perhaps wondering what this whole life thing is all about. They are so cute, they remind me of tiny panda bears.

These two are part of a larger group of kittens recently discovered in the feral colony. The two tuxedo kittens are probably litter-mates but the others may be from a different but closely related litter that has been combined with theirs.

More pictures of the tuxedo kittens and their little friends after the jump...

Feral cat colonies consist of several extended families. Closely related queens often help raise each other's kittens, doing babysitting duty as needed. The two tuxedo kittens may represent one litter, while their friends come from one or more additional litters.

Two or more cat moms, probably sisters, have combined their litters to make protecting their babies a little easier. This allows the queens to take turns hunting and caring for their precious little ones.


  1. Your kittens are sooo cute! And they really look like they're dressed in a tuxedo.

  2. I love these photos.They are simply cuteness overload!♥


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