Jan 13, 2010

Little Silver Tabby Today - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Little silver tabby cat, always a cute kitten, and we're following his/her life now that it's half-grown..

Young Silver Tabby Today

It looks like it hasn't been feeling well lately. There are so many things going around in the feral cat colony; lots of respiratory infections, worms, etc. But this kitty is still alive and that is more than many could say.

Personally, I'm very glad she is still with us.

You can follow little Silver Tabby from earlier posts to see how she looked as a little kitten and then a bit later. And I'm sure we're all just glad she's still alive.
We also see her here, anonymously munching at a feeding. You can see a mix of her friends and associates here...


  1. I hope this kitty is able to fight off whatever URIs or whatever is going around.

  2. Bless her tiny heart...I pray for a silver lining to her little cloud!


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