Jan 25, 2010

Not Feeling So Well - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Not Feeling So Well, White Cat
I've been seeing more, lately, of the feral tom we call Whitey. Usually, he makes himself scarce when people are around. A noble beast, the proud feral tom is not feeling so well lately... I think he has a cold, poor guy. He's moving slowly and not looking so white.

Life is so hard for feral cats.

We've seen Whitey before, here - on a better day when he was still the tough guy.

I have made sure that he is still eating. If he doesn't get better soon I'll have to try to drop a net over him and find a vet who will look at him. He doesn't take well to people, which is too bad because he's a beautiful cat. But he's been wild all his life.


  1. Poor Whitey. We hope he gets better soon.

  2. His fur does not look good at all.

  3. He's disheveled for sure - mostly because he hasn't been bathing himself. That goes along with the feeling ill. He was also wet at the time this photo was taken (it had been raining a lot). He's still hanging-in with us, though, and he's still eating. I'm just really hoping that I don't have to try to capture him and take him to the vet because it would be extremely traumatic for him.


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