Jan 28, 2010

Tabitha Noble and Proud - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Tabitha is Tabitha because I wasn't feeling very creative when I rescued her. She was a little kitten - one of six rescued at the time. Here she is today:

Tabitha, a rescued feral cat, bright and noble, photo

At one time she was up for adoption, but she wasn't one of the lucky ones. She's very bright and affectionate (with people she knows). Lacking a home of her own, she has a home with me until something better comes along. She spends almost as much time visiting the feral cats as I do.

We've seen Tabitha in a previous post: at five months old.


  1. She looks very nice in this picture. No matter how much I want it to be otherwise, we can't save them all. We just make a difference wherever we can. Having a home with you isn't all that bad anyway.

  2. She is beautiful! Hopefully, she'll find a home of her very own. In the meantime, though, being with you is pretty darned good. :)


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