Jan 16, 2010

An Unnamed Tabby At Feeding Station - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

I just happened to catch this tabby cat coming out of a feeding/shelter station I built several years ago.
A Tabby At A Feeding Station

I'm sure I've seen this tabby cat before. In fact, it was probably born in this colony, but there are so many ferals that I don't get to know all of them. Especially the ones that like to wait until I'm gone in order to come eat.

So this tabby has no name ...but it is still loved.


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  2. Re "blue"'s comment above... 培養健全孩子最好的方法是父母先成為健全的人。 ...Yes, it is an old proverb. Since there is no such thing as a perfect person, though, you'll never raise a perfect child. And more important, you included a link that appears to be a spam site. Please don't use my blog for spam.



  3. lovely tabby and yes loved.. ll cats are so worthy of love.. Hugs GJ x


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