Feb 22, 2010

2 Orange-Buff Feral Cats - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Two Orange Feral Cats
Two orange/buff/beige feral cats - the one in the background is that fluffy orange kitten we've seen before.. boy has he grown! He was always the biggest kitten for his age, and still is... he may turn out like grandaddy, the late Sick Boy.

Catching up from the weekend, I have a few other photos to share - such as another view of Mr. Punk Tom, the tough guy who runs away every time I look at him.
Mr. Punk

And the two girl kittens up for adoption, having a rough and tumble game.
Tortie and Fran Battle

It's Siamese Fran and Tortie Xiu (a name no one else will ever call her 'cuz they can't pronounce it:) I made a story up, about them fighting to see who would get a home of her own. Really, though, they get along pretty well - this is just a big game.
Tortie and Fran Battle, Part 2 - Cage Match

These two, along with Mort, were deathly ill when they were retrieved from the feral colony and nursed back to health. It took weeks for everyone to get better and in the meantime they were confined in close quarters in my work van ...with me! Because of that, they've formed their own litter - even though they were originally from different families and even different groups.

They would be perfectly happy going to one home, for sure. I know that probably won't happen, though. Homes have gotten very hard to come by.

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  1. Beautiful & Stunning!

    My Daddy takes photos of Cats, on his bike commute, for my ongoing Street Seens Series, and no doubt some of the Cats are Feral.

    I even posted a few photos, on Spay Day, the other day, of scenes at a Feral Colony Daddy has visited in Long Beach.

    I have even more for a planned story.


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