Feb 19, 2010

Coppertop Cat Lick - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Coppertop Cat Lick
We have two orange/buff/beige girls - the twins; Gadget and Coppertop. This is Coppertop licking her chops after enjoying a snack while atop my van. The location is one of her favorite places and of course she's always thinking about food, too, as you can tell from her girth.

Orange female cat Coppertop photo 
Coppertop on Van
I know I get the two girls confused sometimes, but this is definitely Coppertop. I really only get confused with face close-ups: When we have a wider view I always know which one is which.

It's interesting that the first orange cats we ever rescued were girls because female Oreengenesses are supposedly very rare. Since then, of course, it seems that all the other orange cats in the feral colony are boys. So perhaps it was just a coincidence that we started with two girls after all. They were both fixed when young, of course, so we never got to see if they would have started an orange female trend.

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  1. I always thought orange ones were mainly males too, but last fall I rescued 2 orange tabby females back to back. i guess they like to keep us guessing sometimes.


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