Feb 12, 2010

Tabby Calico Investigates - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

The young feral calico tabby (or 'torbie') I call Tabbico, investigates some farm debris...

Tabbico Investigates
There aren't very many calico cats in the feral colony, and I think this might be the only 'torbie' of the bunch. She's a beautiful kitty, though, and about to take a trip to the vet if my net-slinging goes well.

These are beautiful wild animals. They have their place in nature. I love them.

Can you believe that a former attorney general of the United States supposedly ordered the killing of calico cats around government facilities? Allegedly, he thought that calico cats were the representatives of Satan.

And you wonder why I prefer cats to people....


  1. Thank you, Fran. :)

    I have traps, of course, but nothing beats a throwing net for catching specific cats. Not that it's easy but on the other hand, trapping in a big colony means I catch the same already-spayed cats over and over again before I finally get something I want.


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