Feb 9, 2010

Three Random Feral Cats Pic - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Three feral cats of assorted sizes, including one never before photographed orange/buff/beige male and the one surviving member of the "Panda Twins"...
Three Random Feral Cats photo pic
The little Panda should be going to the vet soon, assuming the Neuter Scooter vet actually shows up in a timely manner.

Here is another picture of the little Panda looking fat..

little panda feral kitten photo
Maybe I feed too well sometimes but I try to help them stay insulated from the cold at this time of year. Also, Little Panda was very sick for a while so I fed him/her protectively. Remember all his/her siblings died except for Mort, who is in my custody and up for adoption.

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