Mar 12, 2010

Many Feral Cats - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Just a small part of our current collection, these feral cats are nominally concerned about what I might be up to...
Many Feral Cats
Such cute little faces! ...They are all well-fed and get along for the most part. I guess you could say they have pretty good lives for feral cats. At least, so far... I always worry with the state of the economy and my sister's health, how long we'll be able to keep this up. But for now, everything is good.

These kitties will, apparently, have some new friends soon. I heard from United Paws that they have about 5 feral cats who have to be relocated or face being killed. So... I guess there will be new friends.

Because some have been interested enough to ask: EACH MONTH the current feral cats consume 20 16 lb sacks of Purina Cat Chow and 120 22oz cans of Priority canned cat food (that's for the general feral cat population). In addition, tamed cats, adoption candidates and cats in rehab consume 300 better-quality Friskies 5.5 oz cans per month (favorite flavor: Chicken & Tuna Pate). That's a lot of cat food, and the only reason why I accept occasional donations.

Speaking of support, don't miss the blogged cat cartoons of the Crazy Cat Face blog and!

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  1. That is one very beautiful picture.. All those kitties look happy and healthy.. They look curious too.. HUgs GJ xx


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