Mar 26, 2010

Orange Coppertop Prowling - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Orange-buff-beige Coppertop, a rare female Orangeeness, is prowling farm country like a miniature lion.
Coppertop Prowl
Her fearlessness is what makes her more likely to be photographed than other feral cats. She just doesn't really care.

Having peeked out from behind an old rusty burning barrel, Coppertop decides to investigate those mysterious clicking sounds in tall bushes...
Feral cat Coppertop orange kitty walks toward camera
Approaching with stealth - just in case it is a tasty meal waiting to be caught.
Orange cat Coppertop profile portrait photo

Coppertop is just a little disappointed to find out that the sound was just me and my camera.

Better luck next time, Coppertop!

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