Apr 22, 2010

Poor Mort, Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Mort the rescued feral kitten. Poor Mort, his third eyelid closed as a result of medication given by a vet

Poor Mort, first he almost died when he was 7 or 8 weeks old. In fact, of a litter of 5, only Mort and littermate Panda survived. And Mort needed a lot of antibiotics and care to make it. Then Mort was fine for a while, until he went to the vet to get fixed.

As a result of some medication the vet gave him, his third eyelid closed on his left eye. First, the vet told us he'd be fine in a few days. Then the story was that it might take a week or so. Then, it was "up to a month." I don't know if Mort will ever get better.

It makes it even harder for the poor thing to find a home. And that is especially sad because Mort wants to be someone's cat. Mort's adoption page is here.


  1. Mort is a beautiful cat! Even with his eye issue. You know, I went to the No More Homeless Pets Conference and many of the speakers who lead no-kill facilities said that the easiest cats to get adopted were those with one eye and a story. They said they could get that animal adopted many times over and they shared stories of how they had done just that.

    I know that sounds terrible, but as Mike Arms said, (The animals have our hearts, now they need our heads." What he meant is that being involved in animal rescue, we have to approach it like a business and "market" the orphaned animals.

    I am hoping that through the right channels Mort will find his forever home very soon!

  2. omg how can that happen with the medication and why? i've never heard of such a side-effect.. does it hurt him? that third eyelid must feel quite dry. i wonder if underneath that, his eye is normal and functioning? is there anything the vet can do? mort's cute and looks like a cat i had when i was little named Friska. btw i know other one-eyed cats that have been adopted! i think mort is very adoptable too.

  3. Thank you.

    Acepromazine maleate is, I believe, the drug involved. The vet didn't tell me that, I looked it up. Raising of the third eyelid is listed as a potential side effect (and a common one) but it only usually lasts for 8 hours or so.

    I wrote about a while back in the post "Tractor Cats" - I thought I'd mention that in case you wanted to check out the drug link, but it doesn't talk about the problem lasting this long. I don't know what to think about that.

  4. Such a beautiful cat...I do pray and will pray for his healing and a good home.


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