May 14, 2010

Gadget Vs Coppertop, Feral Cat Photos of the Day

I have admitted that I sometimes have problems telling them apart. When they are anywhere near each other, I know immediately who is who. This is Gadget...
Golden Gadget
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Gadget is the less photographed of the two orange fearless ferals, Gadget and Coppertop. They are cats that tamed themselves and seem to lack the fear gene.
This is Coppertop:

I snapped Gadget at the wheel-well of my van and then swung immediately around to catch Coppertop on the roof of the van. These pictures were less than 2 seconds apart. Ignore the slight color differences. Coppertop was on top of my van and backlit. They have the same color fur and eyes. The differences are in the lighting only.

Are we seeing why I get confused between them yet?

Once again, Gadget:

Such a cute girl ...And Coppertop:

Color differences here are caused by the difference between Fuji Superia 800 film (Gadget) and Fuji Press 1600 film (Coppertop). Also, Coppertop was photographed during a more overcast day.

So, I get confused sometimes. As I said, when they are anywhere near each other I can tell immediately which one is which. Looking at pictures much later, I sometimes forget... So I'm sure I've mistakenly labeled a picture here or there. I TRY to get it right, though.

Coppertop is more adventurous and will follow me anywhere, so she gets photographed more. Gadget is just a bit more lazy although equally fearless. They were "rescued" together when they were kittens but nobody adopted them. I put rescue in quotes because it was more a matter of opening a door and having them walk in like they owned the place. That's just their fearless nature.

So you tell me, which one is this?
As I was saying... out in the yard I usually know one from another at a glance. But later when I am looking at pictures it can be a different story - and the more I look at them the more they seem to blend together.

What do you think?


  1. so handsome! he's got a very intense, brooding, male model sort of stare. hahahaah love him!


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