May 10, 2010

Little Tabby Today, Feral Cat Photos of the Day

The little tabby kitten that seemed so sad and lost, the little tabby that found a friend - the one we thought we'd lost after a severe winter storm. Little Tabby is still with us, and his story continues...

Little Tabby Kitten, portrait of a survivor

First mom left when tabby was young and it made him sad. Fortunately, he had a lynx point Siamese sibling to play with (they taught us a lesson about life), and then we later made friends with Silver Tabby and became best friends forever.

We had a little scare when we didn't see Little Tabby for a few days after a storm, but Little Tabby Survived.

This is Little Tabby Today...

Little Tabby kitten explores the world

Exploring Little Tabby sees us

It's been a rough road to the present day but Little Tabby is still hanging in there - doing what he can to survive. Over the past few months, Little Tabby has gained new confidence, made new friends, and has learned to face the world with all its hardship and suffering.

Little Tabby steps out into the world, bobtail Hammie has his back
Can any of us say more of ourselves?


  1. What a poignant post. Thanks for taking care of Little Tabby and all of his fellow ferals.

  2. aww... what a beautiful kitty. i hope he's never sad anymore.

  3. Lovely photos, and while sad...a hopeful post, too


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