May 6, 2010

Shelter Break-in/Killing Suspect Finally Arrested (Cat News)

Finally caught! This is a follow-up with breaking news. The original story of this despicable human being was recorded on this blog, here back on Februrary 27. It's hard to read. This sub-human piece of crap broke into an animal shelter and then turned a dog loose on two cats waiting to be spayed.

I'm glad they finally caught this person: Culprit arrested in animal shelter break-in - Grayson County News Gazette.
The search is over for the suspect involved in the brutal killings of two cats during a February 24 Leitchfield Animal Shelter break-in. Aubrey Dewayne Russell, 27, Leitchfield, was arrested on May 6 by local authorities.

If this had happened locally, I would have felt obligated to track this person down and avenge the kitties myself. And that would have been a bad thing. Really.

The whole thing just makes me cry.


  1. I hope he gets more then a slap on the wrist. In my area, 2 punks set fire to a yorkie, filmed it and they received 6 months probation.


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