May 12, 2010

Star Tabby Tux, Feral Cat Photo of the Day

The stage is lit, the colored lights gleam, and Star Tabby Tux appears...
Star Tuxedo Tabby Cat color

Okay, really, this is an aberration in processing. It was the last shot on a roll of 35mm Fuji Superia 800 film, exposed @640 ISO. An accident... but I liked it anyway so here it is: A colorful tabby indeed. Like a celebrity feral cat.


  1. whoa dood...thiz pick sures rockin !!!! ya DUE look like a star...N why iz it de last oh most stuff iz all ways de best...last shot on a film roll, last cookie in de batch...last donut in de box...tell yur mom peepulz try ta make photo's like this now...N can't !!

  2. :) Thank you. This actually was the last shot on a roll of film. That's probably why the sun got to it before development. I really liked this happy accident, anyway. :)

  3. Star Cat looks so much younger in this pic, too. :)


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