Jun 18, 2010

Bath Interrupted

A cat photo of the day...
Pesky the former feral kitten now a grown girl
It's Pesky, the former feral - or Pecky as I often call her. She's out enjoying something that has been rather rare in this part of the world; a dry, relatively-sunny day. Having decided to plop down for a bath, I interrupted with my camera.

Pecky is remarkably friendly for a cat that was rescued post 7 weeks of age. Perhaps she adjusted so well due to her remarkable intelligence. She has come a long way from the kitten that didn't have the strength to lift its head. In any case: it might be helpful to read about Pesky's rescue.

It's sad that she never got her own home but she continues to be loved and cared-for here. At least she seems reasonably happy and confident.

Pesky plays with a handmade cat toy. She just loves it
 Pesky enjoys a handmade cat toy - they are always the best.

Our little kitty loves her handmade cat toy from CatCalls at etsy. I'd encourage everyone looking for some interesting kitty things to eschew giant corporations when possible and consider getting cat toys and things made personally and with love.
Widget joins in, playing with a Catcalls toy
Widget Cat can't resist joining Pesky with her new toy!

Anyway, that's just my personal belief, not a paid endorsement. The kitties around here always appreciate something different to simulate their little minds. And Pesky is especially fond of toys like this.

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  1. I LOVE it! You have no idea how that makes me feel seeing these kitties playing with my Pudgies! Now-you made MY day! THANK YOU!


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