Jun 14, 2010

Last Resting Place

Working through my sadness... I apologize for being morose. I feel responsible for the loss of Tabbico but I am pulling myself through it all. We will get to the other side of the pain, together.

Last Resting Place, then end of the earthly struggle for Tabbico the feral cat
Last Resting Place

Life is about struggle. Peace and happiness are to be savored for their briefness amid toil.

Nothing in life is permanent. Each moment is only a step on a forever journey. Relationships are here and then they pass. Living in the moment, in the present time, we cannot know what is around the next corner; so we must deal with each moment as it arrives.

If we live in the past and spend our time thinking of what might have been, we will miss the best of the present moments that the future will bring us. And so we must move on...

The World Wonders..
The World Wonders
Pesky visits the resting place of a friend.

As through a glass, darkly.... We wonder at the world, and understand so little of it all. We peer to see the future but can only dream of what might be. Then having arrived with nothing, we depart the same way. Pesky the former feral cat wonders....

Pesky's  lesson is the impermanence of all things. The only way of peace is to practice non-attachment; of loving without possessing -- for possession is illusion. What we think of as ours is only on loan. It is here for a time. And eventually, the time is up.

It is a lesson I fight against all too often. I will work in this....
I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the mark of the higher calling...

I will not bring this up again.


  1. Beautiful, Chriss. Time is a great healer and you have my utmost support. Keep on photographing those precious kitties sent your way and sharing them with us. Thank you for caring about them.

  2. Chriss...this is beautifully true. My life philosophy is very similar:
    Love deeply, but hold loosely, for few things last forever.
    I don't withhold love as it would make me less human, and even in the pain of loss, as difficult as it is, I grow in depth of character and Christ-likeness. Thank you for sharing and loving. Your own beauty as a person is clearly seen and felt through your posts.

  3. Precious Chriss...your love and goodness in your heart makes me want to be a better purrrrson.
    I have been responsible for the passing of a kitty whom I wanted to catch and love when I was a small child...I will never forget that painful end to it's precious life...soft hugs to you, Karla
    PS: Roberta is my dearest friend from Hawaii whom I introduced to your wonderful blog...

  4. I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope that in time the pain will ease, and you will be able to remember her fondly. You're doing amazing tings for these cats, and I hope you can keep that in your heart.

  5. I am truly sorry and grieved as well for the loss of your fur friend. That is one of the hardest things we have to endure, those losses and nothing we can do will stay that hand of time for our babies and sometimes they just get sick. Mine passed from CRF, and the grief was that of a family member passing, to all of us.

    I liked what you wrote here and it is something to consider and remember for our own furbabies.

    I admire you and I am grateful for all you do. I just happened upon your blog and I consider myself privileged.


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