Jun 22, 2010

Tractor Kittens

A Feral Cat Photo of the Day Series....
Tractor Kittens

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It was just becoming dusk when I spotted these kittens. They are sitting on the seat of one of a couple of old tractors on the farm. I suspected they were around somewhere, but now we have seen them for the very first time.
The other tractor, showing mom and one of the kittens from the first picture.

I think the mother is the tabby cat who appears in the blog head image with three kittens in a row. That was a very popular picture, btw, even though it wasn't very good because I had to snap it quickly. Half a second later they were gone.

Feral Cat Mom and 3 Kittens
Last Year

This queen cat has successfully avoided trapping for a couple of years. She is smart and wary and will not go in a trap. I think the only way I'm going to catch her is with a throw-net. I've been practicing this for a while but I'm still not good enough with it.

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  1. Your photos of the kitties are just precious. This queen is a good mommy and I hope you are able to capture her.


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