Jun 10, 2010

We Are Siamese...

If you please... or, sort of. The Feral Cat photos of the day:
We Are Siamese ..
One of the Siamese-like cats in the feral colony. The warm lighting makes him look a little darker than he is.

I caught this kitty while he was taking a bath. As I was about to snap the first picture, a sound distracted him, giving me this nice profile portrait.

After that, he went back to bathing.
Bathing feral cat, Siamese type
 These photos are direct from the Jpeg preview version and a bit overexposed compared to the first image, which was processed from the RAW camera file. For those interested in digital photography, this is my "secret" (of how I get a lot of detail into my best cat portraits)... I overexpose (for jpg) 1.5 to 2 stops, which gives me more fine detail in the RAW file, once I process it. There is a lot of extra work involved but the results are worth it, at least to me.
Siamese like feral cat gets a good bath, cat-style
Wash and clean!  A clean kitty is a happy kitty....

The ferals in the colony that are Siamese-like are all descendants of one Siamese tom that was dumped in the area several years ago.  He lasted maybe three or four months before a coyote got him (I'd like the person who dumped him to know what they did!)  but his genetic line continues to this day.

Fran, the rescued feral kitten still looking for a home, is a Siamese-type also:
Fran, former feral kitten, Siamese friendly cat

Fran is especially sweet. She's a bit timid because she was rescued around 9 weeks of age. It's better if you can catch them younger, but she still likes people she knows. She hangs out with tortoise shell sister Xiu and adopted rescued brother Mort. They continue to mix with the feral cats but sleep indoors at night, with me.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, very unusual colouring.

  2. Lovely to see the wonderful work you are doing, saving lives of those who cannot do for themselves

  3. They had such unusual color! Sorry for the first Siamese tom...


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