Jul 30, 2010

Curious Black Cat, Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Curious Black Feral Cat
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With eartip marking, this girl is the sister of One-Eye and daughter of Ms Thing. She's put on a bit of weight since she was spayed a few years ago. Well, there are plenty of feeding opportunities here for a feral cat. I think it's just genetics ...some kitties get pudgy after being fixed (provided there is enough food) and some don't.

Here is a cat that almost didn't get to the vet. After being trapped, I did my usual thing of putting towels in for padding the wire floor while the trap was sitting at the open back of my sister's SUV. This time, I guess I pushed the door open a bit too much with my fat arms, trying to get the towels in, because little ms black thing here bolted out... She flew through the air.

I don't know how but I managed to grab her just before she hit the ground. Of course, she wheeled around to bite and scratch but I was determined to keep her so as she was mauling me, I opened the trap again and dropped her in.

It was an interesting adventure, and I'm thankful that I have better than average quick reflexes.


The picture above was taken as our little black girl was enjoying a snack on top of my van. The other picture, taken a moment before, reveals the context.

black feral cat licks her chops as she enjoys a surprise meal on top of my van

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