Aug 17, 2010

Adopt Me .... Wishe, Updated

Room For One More?

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Room for one more? ...From a litter of three abandoned feral kittens. Two were successfully captured, one was not.

This kitty has now been to the vet. She's a BIG (for her age) girl. We're estimating her birth date at around June 30 (according to the vet) so she's only 6 weeks old in this picture.

Little Wishe the fuzzy feral kitten, saved from the feral life - we hope
 I'm calling this adorable little feral kitten Wishe for now ...for my usual weird reasons: It has the characteristics of two cats we recently lost. It has the fuzzy body of Willem DeKooning and the Tuxedo color of the late great Shemp. Thus, WiShe ...which I pronounce Wishee. 

Wishe is very people friendly already and seems pretty healthy... just a natural pet! It will be a real bummer if Wishe doesn't get a home of her own.

Tuxedo feral kitten, fuzzy with beautiful eyes, hoping for a home
How can you resist a cute, fuzzy face like this?


Name: Wishe (for reference purposes) - you, the owner, should name her.

Birthday: June 30, 2010 (approximate)

A long-haired possibly part Maine Coon feral kitten, now tamed. Her name comes from two late ferals; Willem DeKooning (a Maine Coon) and Shemp (based on her color). Wi-She. She might be a great-grandaughter of Willie.

This kitten is box trained, has had flea and worm treatments. Is scheduled for shots.

Will tolerate car rides and carriers, this kitten is very friendly and relatively outgoing. She may be shy around strangers until she gets to know you. She needs more attention than she's getting. And she needs a safe environment.

Remember, I can only rescue more feral kittens as others are adopted out to make room.

Location is Oregon coast but will deliver to right within a reasonable distance.

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  1. What a darling kitten -- beautiful coloring :) But he (she?) looks so sad... I will be hoping along with you that a loving home can be found.

  2. This one is truly precious. I hope and pray he finds a home!

  3. such a lovely portrait. omg this kitten is sooo cute and scruffy and beautiful!! i'm in love. how can anyone resist him?


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