Aug 4, 2010

Cat Hotel Offers a Pampered Life (Cat News)

Queen Lily by Alix Clinkingbeard, Flickr Photo creative commons
Photo by Alix Clinkingbeard

Frankly, I think all cats should live like this: A luxury hotel for cats is just what the kitty ordered. Now, the article itself is a bit of fluff but the pictures are lovely. I wish the article was a bit more specific about things like locations and prices although I'm sure it would be out of our price range. You'll enjoy the pictures though - it looks purrrfect.
Unusual Luxury Cat Hotel.
Abi and Matt Purser, the owners of this five-star pet hotel, have always believed cats deserve the same attention and care as their owners, and that’s how the idea for their business was born. Now, while their human owners are getting pampered on some exotic island, their cat enjoys the same star treatment at the Luxury Cat Hotel.

So many cats have such difficult lives; I don't think having a few ultra-pampered felines makes up for that but perhaps it could be some form of moral reparations.

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