Aug 19, 2010

Little Kitten Spot

A Kitten named Spot

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This just-rescued little feral kitten already loves people and is very bright and curious. He has a color pattern very similar to my own rescue-pet Lucy, except he's a bit more asymmetrical (and has a more regular tail). It was the asymmetrical coloring on his face, though, that made me think of the name Spot (like the doggies with the circle patch around one eye).

As of this writing, Spot is only around 7 weeks old according to the vet. He's much smaller than his part Maine Coone tuxedo sister, Wishe. And they both need homes... I hope you can see how cute and adorable he is!
Believe me, I know how tough it is to find good homes for kittens, even beautiful ones like this poor little guy. If no one claims him, he'll eventually go back among the ferals where I will continue to do my best to protect him and all of them from coyotes and the other hazards of life.

Don't miss his sister, Wishe, too!


  1. If I had room I'd take this little guy... He looks like he needs a forever home :) I'm just sorry I can't rescue them all :(

  2. This little guy is so adorable! I hope someone responds!


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