Sep 24, 2010



Our own special variety of bobtailed cat, like the breed American bobtail... a little. I think our ferals look a bit more like wild Bobcats.  This one happens to be semi-tame Hammie but we have a dozen or so bobtails in the feral colony.

A very handsome tom, if one were trying to start a new breed there could hardly be a better choice. We're not doing that, though; there are too many unadopted kittens as it is. And that is sad.

Hammie is one of those kittens that should have found a home, since he was abandoned by his cat mom when he was very little - then was rescued and had to be bottle fed. But no homes were forthcoming so he ended up back with his extended family in the feral colony. This happens way too often.
Always exploring the world, bobtail Hammie seems pretty happy. I wish the feral colony was a safer place for him, although I do my best. At least he never goes hungry.

Hammie debates the merits of the feral life with another orange cat.

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