Sep 5, 2010

More Evil Human News (Cat News)

I hope they catch this person, soon! ... Cat recovering after passerby finds it shot, caged and tossed into McKay Bay - St. Petersburg Times
Early Wednesday, a passer-by heard gurgling and pulled from McKay Bay an appalling discovery — a cat that had been shot with pellets, put in a carrier marked "Kitty Penitentiary" and tossed in the water.

In other news, Facebook/twitter followers know that I survived a blood clot in my lung. I'm not well, but I'm recovering. Right now I'm on injections of anticoagulant and hovering around being re-admitted to the hospital. But hopefully things will get better before too much longer.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the blood clot in you lung and wish you a very speedy recovery.


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