Sep 14, 2010

The New Lowjack, Cat Photo of the Day

The New LowJack, a young orange bobtail cat
Young, curious, it's the New LowJack
There was an original "LowJack" (or LoJack) in the feral colony. I started calling this young tom LowJack because he looks so much like the original cat did at this age: An orange reticulated bobtail tabby with angular features.

I don't want to discount his presence. You can read about him here. LowJack was very shy but potentially adoptable early in his life. Like too many kitties, though, he didn't find a home and ended up remaining with the feral colony. LowJack was always friendly to me but a bit jumpy - a nervous type, I guess. Unfortunately he was not nervous enough to save himself. We lost him last October, almost certainly due to coyote predation. It was very sad.

The new LowJack is as feral as can be. He'll be here for life. There are other young cats and kittens that might be saved, though, if only they had homes to go to.

If you live close enough and have a good home to spare, don't forget to check the adoption page for loving kitties like Wishe and Spot....and Mort too.


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