Oct 28, 2010

Kittens Meet and Greet

Kittens meet and greet, 3 feral kittens inc muted tortie/muted calico and a tiny tabby
 Cute kittens!  A meet & greet session among three kittens (probably littermates) including the muted calico (or muted tortie) - the first of its kind in the feral colony as far as I know.

3 feral kittens including a tabby and a muted calico or muted tortie
 Such lovely little things ..so adorable!  I could probably net them and tame them ...if there were homes for them to go to.  It seems kind of mean, though, to capture and tame a kitten just to put it back in the feral colony. And that is what has been happening lately, only because there aren't enough homes available.

kitten meet and greet, 3 feral kittens, one has spotted me
Oh oh, someone has spotted me!  Well, I'm far enough away that they won't be too worried. If nothing else, I will be doing my best to give these babies a comfortable life for as long as I'm around. Maybe longer if things work out....

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