Nov 8, 2010

Fran Today

The lovely and talented Fran - first rescued as a very sick kitten about this time last year, she's all grown up now.

We tried pretty hard to find her a home with ads and and the whole works but she ended up having to stay with us instead. That's not all bad, though: we love Fran and has her adopted brother Mort to keep her company.

Perhaps it is her winter coat coming in, but Fran seems much darker than before...
Whether dark coat or light coat, we still think that Fran is beautiful..

1 comment:

  1. She is lovely. Cats with 'Siamese' type coloring, even lynx pointed ones like her, have temperature specific coloring--so their face, ears, legs and tails which are the coolest, have darker points. As they get older, they get a layer of body fat and their bodies darken too as the fat layer makes the skin cooler. You may know this, too, but siamese pointed cats are born white as their whole body in the uterus is the same warm temperature.


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