Nov 15, 2010

Orange Half-Tail on Blue

One of several tail variations within the feral colony, this orange cat has a half or three-quarter tail, which doesn't seem to be any problem for him. There are bobtails, too. Orange Halftail is seated on a tarp that was being prepared to cover a new cat shelter, so while I waited for him to move, he got his picture taken.

I read a story last week - the article was about some feral and stray cats in Colorado. Residents are feeding them and also getting them spayed/neutered and they've become fixtures in the community. It's a little bit of a suburban version of what I do, without all the work. I didn't like the emphasis on "deformed" cats, however, and I don't think that having a bobtail makes a cat deformed. To me, it's just an interesting variation. It seemed to me that the writer was just looking for a different angle for the story. You can judge for yourself. At the same time, I'm glad any time anyone is paying attention to the plight of feral cats. And I'm especially grateful when they actually do something positive to help.

It's getting harder to take pictures because of all the yucky weather lately but I'll keep working on it.

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