Nov 29, 2010

Son of - Son of SickBoy Cat

Son of Son of Sick boy, Fluffy orange feral tomcat
Yes, he is The Son Of, The Son of Sickboy ...well, in my opinion, anyway: Same markings, same coat, same expression as the original Sick Boy. He was twice the size of the other kittens his age and look at him today! He's probably around a year old.

Anyway, Sick Boy was one of the original toms in the colony, from back before I was here and taking regular pictures of them all. He got his name when he nearly died from cat flu; he was sick a long time and had some lasting effects from his illness.

The original fluffy orange tom Sick Boy was around a few years before he disappeared (probably the victim of a coyote) ...all he left behind was a son who was his spitting image, Son of Sickboy. Last year, Son of Sickboy disappeared - sadly, he too was probably a victim of a coyote attack. He was in last year's memorial page.

. Left behind in the feral cat gene pool, however; the fluffy orange symmetrical markings that characterized Sick Boy and his son. ...And now, the spirit of Sick Boy returns to us.

My rare sales pitch... If you are doing CyberMonday shopping, consider gifts that help feed and provide medical attention for feral cats: Cartoon T-shirts and things - prints and big art calendars - as well as regular cat photo calendars. It's how we survive around here.

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