Dec 6, 2010

Run and Play Beautiful Brown Tabby

beautiful brown tabby cat rolls and plays
Rolling around for fun, a gleam perhaps of mischief in her eyes, our lovely brown tabby is just having a good time during one of those rare breaks in the weather. We've been lucky with weather lately. I am glad.

I try to snap a few good-weather photos while I can. It's great for the kitties, too - our cold and wet weather is kind of hard on them even though I've built shelters. They can't hide out all day, after all.

in action, beautiful brown tabby runs
In action!
You probably noticed the new web design, didn't you? It's something I was working on in the background, off and on, intending to introduce it in January. I moved it up because a few people had problems with the comment system. The post before this one is about the web site - check it out.

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