Jan 12, 2011

Dora's Feral Brother

This beautiful silver tabby is the brother of the rescued kitten, Dora (the Explorer). He's still feral but she is getting along nicely.  You may recall, Dora, as a feral kitten, got very very sick. She got so sick that she allowed herself to be captured.

Now after vet treatments and lots of love, she's doing much better. I guess she's around 10 or 11 weeks old, now. She's very friendly. You'd never know she was a feral.  I snapped this picture of Dora relaxing on the wood stove hearth...

I took this picture with my little pocket camera so it's not the greatest. But even so, you can see that our little muted tortie, former feral kitten Dora, is quite comfy: No longer do you see fear in her eyes. Instead, there is peace and love. I hope she gets a loving home of her own.

Thank you to all who make this possible.

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