Jan 19, 2011

He's Bailey The Tabby Tux Cat

Bailey the beautiful tabby tuxedo feral cat
This lovely tabby-tux boy was the subject of our first ever name that tabby poll. Now his name is Bailey. ...

There were a couple of problems with the poll but I've never done one before; usually I just come up with my own goofy names. This time readers suggested names and then we ran a poll on some of them. I meant to run it on all of them but I goofed - and I also found out that once a poll starts you can't add or change it. Oh well, live and learn I guess.  Bailey is a nice name, though.

Actually, there was a tie between Bailey and Horatio. Maybe if I had let the poll run longer the tie would have been broken but this is another case of me not knowing what I'm doing. Both are good names. One of our readers has a "Bailey" so I just went with that. If I ever do a poll again, I'll give it a longer run time and I'll try much harder to get ALL of the choices on it!

Personally, I think it's always better for cats to have names - preferably names that suit them - even feral cats. The name reminds us that they are individual, sentient beings not things or objects. We need that.
Bailey thanks you!


  1. I've named every feral I've ever taken in, even the ones that were just TNRs. I agree with you, giving them names dignifies them and reminds us that they are all individuals and they are all important.

  2. What a sweet face...I think he'll like his name! I liked this polling idea. Got my friends to do it, too. Makes me feel like I now this guy a little better!

  3. Bailey, you are very stylish. We'd like to award you, and your blog, the Stylish Blogger Award.


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