Jan 3, 2011

Silent Prayer

black feral cat with head bowed as if in silent prayer
After posting the annual feral cat memorial I was kind of bummed out. We are having a rare spate of dry weather, though, so I thought the least I could do would be to go out and try to get some photos... one opportunity came with the sister of One Eye, perched atop my van. It was a ways away but I was shooting with a 400mm lens so I thought it was a good chance to get a face portrait of her. But just as I clicked the shutter, she moved!

This is the photo I got. Unintended consequences; the image - frozen in time - reminded me of a head bowed in prayer. Perhaps hoping for a warm place to sleep ...or remembering friends long gone.  Or, of course, the obvious explanation that it was all in my imagination. And that is okay, too.

I still like this unintended portrait. It says something to me - even if the thing that it says is only in my mind.

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