Feb 5, 2011

We Heart Dora The Explorer Kitten

Dora the explorer kitten gets a special Valentines day gift, a heart shaped cat toy!
Little Dora The Explorer kitten got an early Valentine's Day Present!  Dora seems to love her handmade heart, a gift to the kitties from Etsy artist Catcalls ...one of several hearts from the artist, actually.

Dora the explorer kitten plays with her special Valentine's Day cat toy
Dora gets a little cuddle time in with her special Valentine's Heart cat toy before deciding to wrestle it out of my view. Oh, and the kitties will be enjoying a couple of red cat toy hearts, too!
I'm sure Dora will share with her little kitty friends - they all love to play with these toys ...and a happy early Valentine's Day will be had by all.  Thanks to Catcalls. :)

By the way, the artist-creator of these cat toys has a very entertaining blog on blogger, too. You should look it up sometime: It's called Art & Sew Forth.


  1. This is awesome!! That first photo is so so cute! Thank you for sharing these. I just love it! Hope they get lots of hours of fun!

  2. This is too special! I've never seen a feral cat with a toy... The photos are so great --very, very touching! You ladies do wonderful things :)

  3. This is just wonderful. Love the heart toys Patty. Pretty cool looking cat too.

  4. Such a sweet kitty present and lovely kitten!


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