Mar 29, 2011

Siamese Fran With Toy

Siamese rescue kitty Fran just loves this toy!  I need to get some more photos, though.

So here is the story: I got this package from Diana in NY of Diana Designs NY and Stylin Dogs Boutique. It contained three cute handmade cat toys with a note:

These 3 kitty toys are a gift from your friend Patty.  She won them in a game I had and wanted your kitties to have them. Enjoy Diana, Giupetto + Gianna.

Wow, that's so cool. Thanks, Patty! And thank you Diana for passing them along.

In experiments so far, the kitties love them. It's been raining so much that it has been hard to get photos but I will work on it. :)
Purrr-fect Kitty Play Toy ...flies!


  1. These are great!! I just LOVE watching them play with catnip toys...they are so funny! And Fran is SO beautiful!

  2. Its so great to see cats play. They so love toys :)

  3. I am honored and extremely pleased to see Fran playing with the toy. She is also quite beautiful. So nice to see them have some real pleasurable fun in thier lives.

  4. So adorable. Fran is a beautiful cat and appears she loves the toy. So nice of Patty and Diana to make this gift and kitty fun times happen.


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