Mar 1, 2011

Wishe's Snow Cat Adventure

adoptable rescue feral kitten Wishe, part maine coon, in snow, exploring

We don't get a lot of snow in this part of the world - most of the time, anyway: Our winter's consist of FEET of rainfall and huge windstorms. But we do get some,so it was fun to watch Wishe - who seemed eager to explore her natural environment. Of course, I'm assuming that Wishe is at least part Maine Coon but whether she is or she isn't, she seems well-equipped for the weather.

I brought her inside soon enough - but in the meantime she very much enjoyed her outdoor snow adventure....

Wishe is adoptable: she is a rescued former feral kitten, about 8 months old now. Wishe is tame although she has retained a few feral traits such as being startled easily and running away. She loves people, though, once she gets to know them. In that sense, she's a special needs girl; a lot of patience and love would be required for her to learn to trust someone. But we hope that she'll find her own forever home.


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