Apr 20, 2011

Frankie Cat, Ol' Blue Eyes

Frankie Cat Old Blue Eyes portrait
I don't know why we haven't had a portrait of this cat before. He's the original blue-eyed rescue kitten, no longer a kitten of course; it's Frank Sinatra, aka Frankie, aka "Old Blue Eyes" - the reason he got that name in the first place.

The oft-photographed Fran (2) got her name because of him, although they're not directly related. (Well, Frankie plus Cat Lady Fran from Alberta). His face coloring is different from Fran, though.

Frankie is the adoptive brother of Tabitha and Gort, all were half-grown kittens about the time I started this blog, and even before when I talked about feral cats on my art site.

Frankie is now enormous... giant ...ginormous ...and he's still friendly (although very shy) despite having to spend most of his life outdoors.

Anyway, I wanted a blue-eyed cat for my cat eyes tee shirt collection ... I hope you're enjoying those. I've been trying to catch Fran sitting still long enough and finally yesterday I got the shot I wanted!

Fran, you may recall, had a bad eye when she was rescued as a kitten. We got her through all that and saved the eye but she does still look a little uneven and always will. While I was contemplating that fact, Frankie came along. He doesn't come up to me all that often so it was a welcome surprise. Being the dummy that I am, it took a minute to sink in, "oh, Frankie has blue eyes too!" and I caught this picture just in time.  Frankie's eyes are a lighter blue than Fran - and each got a t-shirt of his/her own. (see near the bottom of the page) I know it's silly but I was proud of myself for finally thinking of the obvious.

Mission accomplished.

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