Apr 10, 2011

Siamese Talk with Fran Former Feral

Fran loves to talk, I guess that's the Siamese in her! In this photo, I caught her saying something to me. Often I don't know what Fran is talking about - other than idle cat chit chat - but in this case I think she's asking, "Hey, when is dinner anyway?"

Once a very sick feral kitten, Fran was rescued, tamed and put up for adoption. Unfortunately nobody volunteered a home so she's still here with the feral cats ...although she does get to sleep in my van every night. She's more shy than I would prefer but I still think she's adoptable if someone were willing to work with her.  I hope she's happy here in the meantime, anyway.


  1. i can't believe she wasn't adopted! she's beautiful and this photo is awesome :)

  2. What a face! Beautiful kitty...and beautiful photo!

  3. Thank you! And I think she's a pretty cat model, too.


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