May 13, 2011

The Good Mother Cat a dream

The Good Mother tabby feral cat
Pretty feral tabby, called the Good Mother cat because - back when she was a mom - she worked so hard to find a better life for her kittens. And after she was spayed, she remained life-long friends with her son, Star Cat.  Here she's sitting atop a feral cat holding cage.

Nothing to do with anything else, really....
The Genesis Item
Photo by Pink80sGirl - Gothic rosary necklace
I just received a beautifully gift-boxed item from my Twitter friend Pink80sGirl: It's a rosary necklace she created. (She does a beautiful job of photographing her work, doesn't she?)  As for this particular piece; I don't know what it is about it but I like it. It also feels like it has a history, though, even though it's new.  Okay, I know, I'm getting into nutty land here, but you can indulge me once in a while, right? And yes, I'm completely away from talking about the cats ...for the moment. It comes back to them, though.

The Dream
So anyway, I slept with the necklace on last night, because I'm just weird like that, and here is what I dreamed: I found myself in a house I'd characterize as a farm house; very plain. It seemed like a desolate area - it reminded me of some of the pictures Fran from Alberta posts of her area in the far north. Plus, Fran recently posted pictures of foxes, and that was probably the genesis because I found a dog in the house that kind of looked like a fluffy version of a fox. In the house, the living room just off the kitchen-dining area, I  met a woman I did not know, who seemed to dress like the 50's or 60's with hairstyle to match. Everything was wrong for our era - but would have made sense 30 or 40 years ago. Even the TV was black and white.

This woman, the resident of the old house, is obviously a dog lover -- so we fussed over the dog for a while - then in typical dreamlike fashion it occurred to me that we had a theme of animals and the past. So I wondered if I could find someone special here, too. As I thought about that, there was a scratch-scratch at the screen door, so I went and opened it. There was a rail on some steps leading up to the door and on the rail were Miss Thing and Soda, two cats we've lost in recent years.

I was so glad to see them; I petted them and told them how much I missed them. They missed me, too. It was a happy reunion. But I also thought about how these were all things that could never again be so. I thought even as I petted the  kitties about how all this was lost to the past and how only my memories keep them alive. Then I woke up...

I felt sad because... well, I guess because I seem so powerless to make the lives of these animals any better. I'd like them all to have loving, safe homes but I can't make that happen. There's nothing I can do to make that happen. Nothing. There just aren't enough people out there who care enough and are compassionate enough to give those good homes. But people are too into themselves. So many see a pet as a mere accessory instead of a living being. ...I cried.

I miss the kitties that have passed on.

Thank you for indulging my nuttiness for a brief time. I won't make a habit of it.


  1. I love seeing people and cats in dreams that have died, it's like I'm experiencing an actual reunion. I think you are doing all you can by feeding and taking care of these cats. That is a lot more than many ferals have. It gives them a peace of mind, I'm sure. I think it is wonderful!

  2. Thank you, Faith. It's sort of a happy-sad thing for me.

  3. What a sad dream and reality. I am so sorry....for you, because you work so hard and see so little to show for it.....sorry for the kitties who haven't known the love of a home (though I don't think many of them mind living near you), and sorry for those who want to help yet just don't have the means. Thank you for all you do. One day, your reward will be in full.

  4. Thank you. The feral cats themselves have reasonably good lives for feral cats, I guess. I feel bad for the ones I've rescued and tamed that didn't get homes. But good homes are so hard to come by; I know there are a million other kitties out there that need homes they won't get, too. At least the ones here get a little attention and won't be euthanized by a "shelter."


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