May 23, 2011

If You Have An Itch ...

Cat Scratch Fever -- if you have an itch, scratch it
It's true, if you have an itch, scratch it. Advice from Hammie The Cat. A candid moment for mini bobcat Hamster, enjoying a good scratch.

If you happened to see the feeding time picture from yesterday, Hammie would have been just off camera to the right. Hammie, like many of the feral cats, has his own official spot for feeding. He expects food in a certain place ...otherwise, it must not be for him! He will wait patiently until everyone else is fed in their spots, in order for food to appear at his official dining point.

I'm not getting too many opportunities to take pictures lately; time and a ridiculously wet spring have made it difficult. I was just lucky to catch this one, as Hammie's unguarded moment gets shared with the world.

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