May 19, 2011

Scruffy Willemina Cat

Willemina always looks pretty scruffy and unkempt. She has one clean leg, though - the only one she remembers to bathe. Willemina is the daughter of Maine Coon, the late Willem DeKooning brain trust himself, his daughter is known around here as The World's Dumbest Cat.

Why does she have that name? Well, she's hard to feed because she's distracted by shiny objects. One has to put the food right under her nose and dart away quick lest she follow whatever is moving at the moment.  Also, when trapping other ferals, you can count on catching Willemina at least three or four times.

She has a good nature, basically speaking. Perhaps that is because she isn't smart enough to be vicious. I can pet her if I'm careful but handling is not recommended.

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  1. I'm loving Willemina and her story, it made me giggle!


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